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  H679 >>> House for Sale in Gavathas 




Key features:

Sea views of the Aegean sea
Tiled floor
Double glazed windows and shutters

Full description:

- The house is 75 sq.m
- It is located in the heart of Gavathas
- The property has sea and mountain views all around it
- The patio over looking the Aegean sea
- Ground floor has two bedrooms
- Kitchen, living rooms and bathroom
- Suitable for a retirement home or a summer home
- Quiet relaxed area with a lovely sandy beach within foot steps away

About Gavatha

Gavathas is a perfect destination for family vacations and any other visitors due to its calmness and hospitality. Gavathaís peaceful and beautiful view makes visitors to discover all the beautiful and secret places of Lesvoís island, not only during summer time but through all yearís seasons.

Gavathas was one of the most prominent Christian settlements of the area. The nomer ďGavathasĒ traces itís possible origin from the isle of Gavatha, situated in the mouth of the bay, and it applied to the whole are between Lygeri and Liota.

Itís a known historical fact that Gavathas displayed a notworthing economical evolution during the earlier byzantine era and unrefutable witnesses are the many remains which are strewn around the area, such as graves, columns, headstones e.t.c.

Moreover, it was settled by the Gatelouz's after 1335 a.c. and it was later deserted after a streak of pirate and Turkish raids.

After the great earthquake of 1889, the wealthy denizens of Antissa (known at that time as ďTELONIAĒ ) build housings in Gavatha. In the beginning of the 20th century itís port experienced a large amount of trade due to the large amount of agricultural products being exported and the import of industrial products. Thatís why the port boasted a large number of warehouses as well as customs and portís service officials.

Recently, one of the oldest vertebrate fossils in Greece as well as the rest of Europe was found in Gavatha. Itís the fossilized lower jaw of Prodinotherium bavaricum , ancestor of a truncatet animal, more than twenty million years old, which confirms the presence of the species on European soil at the same time as its appearance in Africa and is now on display in the Museum of Natural History at Sigri.

Gavathas is a scenic seaside village on the northwestern side of Lesvos, in the crandle of the Aegean sea. It is situated 80 kms from Mytilini the main city of Lesvos and 10 kms from Antissa (it is one of the most beautiful mountain villages municipaltive of Ereso-Antissa) which is closed to the fossilized forest and the Museum of Natural History at Sigri.

The first image that greets the visitors of Gavatha is a bay with a wide beach and a small downwind port which shelters fishing boats and other small crafts. On the shoreline there are many trees which offer shadowy reprieve to the beautiful sea lilies that bloom during the summer. There are fresh fish tavernas along the beach.

Above the beach lies sprawled series of hills called the fragoskala, dotted with houses. Itís far side is dominated by a small church Saint Pantelehmonas. From this point visitors may enjoy a lovely sunset, enjoy the view of the sea-gullís retreat. If the visitor turns around his eyes will meet a hill of chestnuts trees, bent from the wind.

About Antissa

The town of Antissa sits on the side of a mountain and is the regional center for the villages of Vatousa, Xidera, Gavatha, Liota, Rema, Zithra and Pterounda. There is a large and beautiful square with very old Plane trees resting beautifully among the Greek coffee shops, tavernas, cafe-bars and post office. If you need shelter in the hot dry summer days Antissa square is a natural air conditioner.
- Pharmacy
- Health care center
- Kindergarden
- Primary and high school
- Police station
- Municipal offices
- Supermarkets
- Bakeries
- Petrol station

Zone: West Lesvos
  Within Residential Zone
Status: For Sale
Type: House
Size: 75 sq/m.
on a block 75 sq/m.
Level: Ground Floor


€ 89.000

  • Interior Areas

  • Bedrooms - 2




Loan ( € OR $ ):   Monthly Payment:
Interest Rate (%):
Period in Years:
Total Views: 226




€ 30.000
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€ 50.000
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€ 65.000
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